Boroughs Land Farm


“At Boroughs Land Farm, we raise all our meats, grow our own crops and do it the most natural way possible. All our animals are Pasture pure, they are grass fed and no antibiotics or growth promoting hormones are used in their development. Further no additives, no salt water, no ammonia, and no carbon dioxide is used in their packing.

Our mission is to provide the freshest, highest quality Virginia grown products in a sustainable way. Boroughs Farm Market is comprised of a group of hard-working farm families dedicated to growing and producing healthy food. Learn to shop with the seasons and find joy in all that is different month to month here in Virginia.

Items produced here year-round include Fresh Eggs, Artisan Cheese, Pastured Beef, Pastured Bison, Chicken and Pork, Fresh Seafood, and Fresh-Picked Vegetables”.

We at Mezzanine  source our eggs, pastured beef, pastured bison, and pork from this fine farm. In fact we have become such good friends that Mezzanine will be helping them set up their certified kitchen in which they will make pickles and jams later this year.