Manakintowne Specialty Growers


Manakintowne is a 21 acre farm in Powhatan County, Virginia, where the Pendergraph family and the Manakintowne team raises some of the finest specialty produce to be found anywhere. We are located in Central Virginia and serve the chefs and markets of Richmond, Charlottesville and Williamsburg.

Powhatan is in the eastern Piedmont of Virginia, with rolling terrain and moderately rocky and clay soil. Much of the farm itself was formerly pasture, and we are close to the highest elevation in the county.

We grow in the field, and in three greenhouses year-round. We love food and we always have something interesting growing for the adventurous chef. Our seasonal selections and farm kitchen products can also be found at a limited number of local markets and co-ops.

Why and how we grow

Our mission as farmers is to be good stewards of the land that sustains us and to provide people with a delicious, healthy and beautiful product. We recognize that the health of our soil underlies the success of our efforts. That is why we use sustainable farming methods, such as crop rotation, cover cropping, composting, mulching with compostable materials such as paper and hay, hand-tending and harvesting, and row covers and careful timing for pest control and season extension. Most of our beds are 100′ by 4′ or smaller, so each bed and each crop gets attention according to its needs.

Healthy soil – happy plants –  delicious food