Dinner menu



Salads & Appetizers


Grilled Naan salad Manakintowne greens  cantaloupe  prosciutto   10

Avocado & Strawberry salad  local kale  feta cheese  grapefruit vinaigrette   9

Beet stack Salad  goat & blue cheese  beet emulsion  balsamic reduction   9

Summer squash Fritters  house made pimento cheese  dill creme   10

Fried Rappahannock River oysters  cocktail sauce  lemon   12

Avocado Tacos  cabbage  salsa fresca  sweet chili  white sauce   12

Hanover fried Green Tomatoes • crab salad  buttermilk broth  pea shoots   12

Steamed mussels: choice of green curry, wine and herbs, or beer and mustard   12



Small Plates


Carolina shrimp and grits  tasso ham  sweet onion  parmesan   16

Braised beef Short Ribs  Byrdmill grits  cilantro  hoisin jus   16

VA soft shell Crabs  local mixed greens  mandarin oranges • chili-mint aioli   14

Ricotta Gnocchi  truffle oil  spinach  local squash  tarragon crème fraiche   12



Large Plates


Pan Roasted Polyface Farm chicken  goat cheese  cauliflower mash asparagus   20

VA lump Crab Cakes  fried green tomatoes  squash salad  tomato brandy sauce   26

Grass-Fed N.Y. strip Steak  chive mashed potatoes  local asparagus  demi   26

Spicy Chicken green Curry  bok choy  local mushrooms  brown rice  cilantro   18




Thank You: Dave & Dees, Manakintowne Farm,

Charlie’s Produce, Rappahannock Oyster Co.


The consumption of raw or undercooked food may be hazardous to your health

Gratuity will be added to parties of six or more