Dinner menu



Salads & Appetizers


Raw kale salad  local apples  pancetta  wasabi peas ginger & garlic    9

Manakintowne green salad • Asian pears • feta • honey  sweet potato chips   8

Beet stack salad  blue & goat cheese  balsamic reduction  thyme    9

Windmill Point raw oysters  mint & cilantro mignonette  cocktail sauce    12/24

Fried Rappahannock River oysters  cocktail sauce  lemon    12

Avocado tacos • cabbage  salsa fresca  sweet chili  white sauce    12

Chiles rellenos  local sweet potato & chorizo  white cheddar    10


Small Plates


Sweet potato & ricotta gnocchi  local kale  feta cheese  apple butter    14

Carolina shrimp and grits  tasso ham  sweet onion  parmesan    16

House cured Coho salmon risotto  shaved red onions  capers  scallion creme    14

Braised beef short ribs  Byrdmill grits  cilantro  hoisin jus    16


Large Plates


Polyface Farms chicken goat cheese  roasted red potatoes  local squash    25

Grilled flatiron steak  hand-cut potatoes  grilled asparagus  bacon bbq sauce    22

Spicy Thai green curry  vegetable, beef, or fish  Asian vegetables  brown rice    20

Pan roasted quails  stuffed with local chorizo  buttermilk mash  braised collards    20


Thank you

Dave & Dees, Manakintowne Farm, Charlie’s Produce,
Shalom Farm, Polyface Farm, Cabbage Hill Farm, Peggy Williams Farm


The consumption of raw or undercooked food may be hazardous to your health
Gratuity will be added to parties of six or more